USA Film Festival (Dallas)
American Indian Film Festival (San Francisco)
Valley Film Festival (Los Angeles)
Human Rights Film Festival (New York)
New York City Independent Film Festival
1st Red Nation Film Festival (Los Angeles)
Cherokee South Carolina Film Festival 

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THE ACTIVIST    Directed by Cyril Morin

Political Thriller | U.S./France | 2013 | Color | 90 minutes
English / Spanish and French subtitles available 

During the Wounded Knee protest in 1973, two Native American activists, Marvin and Bud, are arrested and held in custody in a small sheriff's office in the middle of nowhere. Why are they secretly kept there when the events make national news? When a lawyer is assigned to the case, she will realize there is more to investigate than it seems. Why does a representative of President Nixon make frequent visits to the detainees? and a U.S. Senator? And a Hollywood star who is also an activist? Confrontations will reveal deep secrets, and the truth will come out that Marvin's wife, who died a few months before in a car accident, might have been murdered…. With nods to actor Marlon Brando, President Nixon, and Vietnam, the film recreates the paranoid culture of the 1970s.

Writer: Cyril Morin  -  Produced by MEDIA IN SYNC
Cast: Michael Spears (Dances with Wolves, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee), Tonanzin Carmelo (Into the West, Imprint), Ron Roggé (Treme, Modern Family), Circus-Szalewski (Conan), King Orba (3:10 to Yuma), and Alena von Stroheim (Erich von Stroheim’s granddaughter).


Winner of four Indie Fest Film Awards for Best Film, Best Score, Best Original Song, Best Art Direction.

Hoboken International Film Festival
Tenerife International Film Festival

HACKER'S GAME   Directed by Cyril Morin

Techno Thriller | U.S./France | 2014 | Color | 90 minutes | English

Soyan is a computer prodigy who previously hacked the company he is currently working for, a cyber security firm running covert activities for high-profile international clients. Loise is a cyber detective who investigates war crimes for a human rights organization. When Soyan and Loise meet playing a virtual chess game, they immediately bond.

They embark on an intense but dangerous romance after Soyan’s boss ask him to protect the same arms dealer that Loise is determined to capture. Will Soyan and Loise leave their virtual world and risk everything for true love?

Writer: Cyril Morin
Produced by MEDIA IN SYNC
Cast: Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2​), Chris Schellenger, King Orba, Alena von Stroheim, Gayla Johnson

World Film Festival, Montreal - World Premiere

Chicago Int. Film Festival

Cinedays Skopje, Macedonia - WINNER - Best Screenplay Award

Film Festival Cottbus, Germany; Bratislava Int. Film Festival; Edirne Int. Film Festival, Turkey; FEST Belgrade, Serbia; Febiofest Prague, Czech Republic;  Grenzland-Filmtage Selb, Germany; Festival du Film Policier, Belgium

3 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER  ​Directed by Darijan Pejovski

Thriller | Macedonia/Albanian | 2015 | Color | 90 minutes | Macedonian with English subtitles

In this tense psychological thriller, two very different women meet on a train. Marika is running away from her past, while Jana is on her way to face her past. They arrive in a small Macedonian village, Jana’s hometown, where nothing seems to happen until a corrupt cop finds his way into their lives.

Written by Darijan Pejovski and Igor Ivanov 

​Produced by SKOPJE FILM STUDIO - Tomi Salkovski 

Cast: Irena Ristic, Kamka Tocinovski, Adem Karaga, Milica Stojanova