WA-SHOKU ~Beyond Sushi~  Directed by Junichi Suzuki

​​​This Japanese and American collaboration is a passionate story behind the men who dedicated their lives to spreading Japan’s traditional cultural cuisine throughout the world. Today, beginning with sushi, Wa-shoku (Japanese Food) is familiar and enjoyed all over the world, at Japanese restaurants, regardless of ethnicities. This documentary highlights the past and the future of Wa-Shoku that was created and elevated to an art form, while maintaining the essential traditional qualities of Japanese food.

Featuring interviews with notable personalities such as: Mr. Noritoshi Kanai, the CEO of Mutual Trading Co., Nobu Matsuhisa, the chef/owner of Nobu restaurants, Katsuya Uechi, the chef/owner of Katsu-ya group, Tyson Cole, the chef/owner of Uchi restaurant, Joel Robuchon, a French chef, Yoshihiro Murata, the chef/owner of Kyoto Kikunoi, Shige Nakamura, a Ramen master, and more. 

Documentary | U.S./Japan | 2016 | Color | 107 minutes | English & Japanese
Writer /director: Junichi Suzuki
Produced by United Television Broadcasting Systems/ Film Voice
Producers: Shigeto Terasaka, Shunsuke Akabane
Music: Akihiko Matsumoto


Having 30 years of experience as a motion picture director, writer and producer, seminar lecturer, and volunteer making educational films, Junichi Suzuki is credited with 12 feature films as a producer and 15 feature films as a screenwriter and 24 feature films as a director. He is also credited with numerous television documentaries as a screenwriter and director. He is a member of the Directors Guild of Japan and the founder of Eleven Arts, Inc., a global distributor of Japanese movies in Santa Monica, California. His wife is the actress Ms. Rumi Sakakibara. Suzuki made the trilogy films with United Television Broadcasting Systems about the Japanese American experience during WWII, which included “TOYO’S CAMERA - Japanese American History during WWⅡ”, “442 - Live with Honor, Die with Dignity - “, and “M.I.S. - Human Secret Weapon”.

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