Indie Fest Film - WINNER Best Film, Best Score, Best Original Song, Best Art Direction Awards

~ Hoboken International Film Festival
~Tenerife International Film Festival

HACKER'S GAME    Directed by Cyril Morin

​​Soyan is a computer prodigy who previously hacked the company he is currently working for, a cyber security firm running covert activities for high-profile international clients. Loise is a cyber detective who investigates war crimes for a human rights organization. When Soyan and Loise meet playing a virtual chess game, they immediately bond. 

They embark on an intense but dangerous romance after Soyan’s boss ask him to protect the same arms dealer that Loise is determined to capture. Will Soyan and Loise leave their virtual world and risk everything for true love?

Techno Thriller | U.S./France | 2014 | Color | 90 minutes | English

Cast: Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Spike Lee's Old Boy​), Chris Schellenger (The Canyons), King Orba (3:10 To Yuma), Alena von Stroheim (1000 to Die), Gayla Johnson

Writer/Director: Cyril Morin
Produced by MEDIA IN SYNC

Cinematography: Romain Wilhelm
Music: Cyril Morin, Seven-Saturdays


2014: The Application Cafe (short film), director, writer, producer. 
           The Activist (feature film), director, writer, producer.
2015: Hackers Game (feature film), director, writer, producer. Serious Fun / Paul Newman (Commercial), director, writer.
2016: Mitterrand The American (TV documentary), co-producer Chirac The American (TV documentary), co-producer NY84 (feature film) director, writer, producer
2017: An American Trilogy ( 3 fictions + documentary), director, writer, producer ; A Couple (feature film) director, writer (in development) 

“A UNIQUE ROMANCE” – IndieWire  

CYRIL MORIN (Director)

Cyril Morin started working as a director after a successful international career as a film composer with more than 100 soundtracks to his credit. His music has won awards at numerous festivals and received critical acclaim from the international press. Among many honors, he was nominated for a European Film Awards and for a World Soundtrack Award. His credits include the TV series BORGIA and the films by acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Eran Riklis.

After producing and directing several music video, he directed the short film The Application Café shot in the Californian desert, a sci-fi tribute to European directors such as Antonioni and their mythological interpretation of America.

In 2014, he released The Activist, a thriller that he wrote and directed, about American political unrest and Native Americans at Wounded Knee. The film won awards at the Sedona, Tenerife, and Red Nation film festivals. It also received two Henri Langlois awards in France. The Activist was named one of the top 10 essential Native American films by Indian Country Today.

In 2015, he released Hacker’s Game, a love story between two hackers, starring Pom Klementieff (Spike Lee's Old Boy, Guardian of the Galaxy 2) and Chris Schellenger (Paul Schrader's The Canyons). This film swept four Indie Fest Film Awards.

His next film, NY84, released in 2016, is inspired by the artists and music of the 1980s, and takes a look at the beginnings of the AIDS crisis in New York.

In 2017, Cyril Morin compiles his three feature films in a bluray pack titled “An American Trilogy” (3 features about 3 American tragedies). Released worldwide along with a documentary to provide an amazing in-depth look at the filmmaker’s concept behind the project.

Cyril Morin has several projects in development in the United States and Europe. ​

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