Drama | Turkey | 2015 | Color | 95 minutes | In Turkish with English subtitles

Cast: Ece Tatay, Serhat Yiğit, Hülya Böceklioğlu, Recep Yener, Ahmet Kaynak, Gözde Okur, Mehmet Ünal, Karya Özkan

Produced by Rüzgar Film


~ Adana Golden Boll Film Festival (Turkey) - WINNER Best Supporting Actress Hülya Böceklioğlu, Jury Special Mention for Acting Performance Ece Tatay

~ Malatya International Film Festival, Turkey WINNER Special Jury Prize: Cagil Nurhak Aydogdu, Audience Award

~ SEEfest South East European Film Festival Los Angeles (USA) - WINNER Audience Award


She was born in1981, graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eylül University - Department of Cinema TV Directorship in 2004. She has been working as a 1st AD and Second Unit Director in approximately 20 projects in Turkish TV series and cinema movies since 2006. The Half is her feature debut.lo

THE HALF (YARIM)   Directed by Çağıl Nurhak Aydoğdu

​​Beautiful 15-year old shepherd girl Fidan lives with her father and siblings in a mountainous village in eastern Turkey. In exchange for money she is married off to the son of a family they don’t know, at the other end of the country. After a long journey, Fidan will meet her husband-to-be, Salih, who is mentally challenged and at the age of 35 is even younger than her. Thrust into what at first glance seems a tragic marriage, these two yet unformed, half-people slowly open up to each other, united by the same feeling of loneliness and detachment from the world of the adults.