THE ACTIVIST    Directed by Cyril Morin

Political Thriller | U.S./France | 2013 | Color | 90 minutes
English / Spanish and French subtitles available 

During the Wounded Knee protest in 1973, two Native American activists, Marvin and Bud, are arrested and held in custody in a small sheriff's office in the middle of nowhere. Why are they secretly kept there when the events make national news? When a lawyer is assigned to the case, she will realize there is more to investigate than it seems. Why does a representative of President Nixon make frequent visits to the detainees? and a U.S. Senator? And a Hollywood star who is also an activist? Confrontations will reveal deep secrets, and the truth will come out that Marvin's wife, who died a few months before in a car accident, might have been murdered…. With nods to actor Marlon Brando, President Nixon, and Vietnam, the film recreates the paranoid culture of the 1970s.

Writer: Cyril Morin  -  Produced by MEDIA IN SYNC
Cast: Michael Spears (Dances with Wolves, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee), Tonanzin Carmelo (Into the West, Imprint), Ron Roggé (Treme, Modern Family), Circus-Szalewski (Conan), King Orba (3:10 to Yuma), and Alena von Stroheim (Erich von Stroheim’s granddaughter).

WA-SHOKU ~ Beyond Sushi ~ 

Directed by Junichi Suzuki

Documentary | U.S./Japan | 2016 | Color | 107 minutes | English & Japanese

​This Japanese and American collaboration is a passionate story behind the men who dedicated their lives to spreading Japan’s traditional cultural cuisine throughout the world. Today, beginning with sushi, Wa-shoku (Japanese Food) is familiar and enjoyed all over the world, at Japanese restaurants, regardless of ethnicities. This documentary highlights the past and the future of Wa-Shoku that was created and elevated to an art form, while maintaining the essential traditional qualities of Japanese food.

Featuring interviews with notable personalities such as: Mr. Noritoshi Kanai, the CEO of Mutual Trading Co., Nobu Matsuhisa, the chef/owner of Nobu restaurants, Katsuya Uechi, the chef/owner of Katsu-ya group, Tyson Cole, the chef/owner of Uchi restaurant, Joel Robuchon, a French chef, Yoshihiro Murata, the chef/owner of Kyoto Kikunoi, Shige Nakamura, a Ramen master, and more. 

Produced by United Television Broadcasting Systems/ Film Voice.


AN AMERICAN TRILOGY  -  3 Films by Cyril MorinDirected by Cyril Morin

​A 2-disc bluray pack featuring three films directed by Cyril Morin in the United-States, packaged together for the first time as a trilogy. Three stories that record and give perspective on significant moments in modern American culture and history.  

This riveting political thriller set during the Wounded Knee events in 1973 recreates the paranoid culture of the 1970s, unveiling corruption and political scheme after the arrest of two Native American activists.

This modern, relevant, and suspenseful techno thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat when Soyan, a hacker hired by a high profile cyber security firm, and Loise, a cyber detective, embark on a dangerous romance.
Three young artists and lovers who live carefree in the New York art scene of the early 1980s will see their future challenged by the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.